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Sports Injury


Our Physiotherapist is experienced in treating sports related injuries such as sprains, strains & corks. We also offer taping services.

Muscuoskeletal Physiotherapy treatments for conditions such as joint & muscle pain, headaches, bursitis and osteoarthritis also available. 

Our Physiotherapist is also specially trained in all things womens health including pregnancy, post natal, and pelvic floor assessment.

Physical Therapy Session

Exercise Physiology

From personalized exercise programs and thorough physical assessments to pre and post-surgical rehabilitation and diabetes health education, our Accredited Exercise Physiologist is here to guide you towards optimal health.


We welcome Medicare patients, DVA, Work Cover, NDIS, and private patients. Let's work together to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Sports massage on leg


Comprehensive care for every stage of your wellness journey! From pre to post-surgery, cardiac and heart health, stroke recovery, pulmonary and lung support, to sports injury rehabilitation — we are here for you.


Our dedicated team is committed to your well-being, providing expert care tailored to your unique needs. Plus, we offer a range of rehabilitation equipment, including therabands, braces, heat packs, and tapes, to support your recovery.


One on one Reformer Pilates sessions

currently just $60 (usually $75).

Our Exercise Physiologist will write a Reformer program specifically for you, based on your goals and fitness level. 

Solo Reformer sessions can then be booked for $25. 

Pilates Work Out

Clinical Pilates


Monday & Thursday 5:15pm

Wednesday 4:15pm

All fitness levels are welcome in our Pilates classes. Our instructor will provide modifications to accommodate participants of varying

abilities and experience.


Wednesday 10am

Join our Pilates class designed for new mums & their little ones. This class places a strong emphasis on pelvic floor strengthening and postpartum recovery. Our instructor will guide you through tailored exercises that address the unique needs of postpartum bodies.


Dry Needling 

This precise and effective treatment targets trigger points, releasing tension and promoting

natural pain relief.


Whether you're seeking relief from muscle tightness, chronic pain, sports injuries, sciatic pain,

headaches, or pregnancy related aches,

this targeted approach may bring relief. 

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We have treatment spaces available to rent for medical professionals. 

Please call or email the clinic for information and rates. 


by appointment only

Tuesday - Thursday

     9am - 5pm 


9am - 3pm

 Please call, email or fill out the contact form below to book an appointment.  

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28 Clyde St 

(Corner of Union St)
Maclean NSW 2463

02 6645 4170

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